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Welcome to The Crew Network's FiveM servers, where two distinct experiences await: Central West RP and Atwar.

In Central West RP, step into the vibrant, fictionalized streets of the United Kingdom. Choose your path - whether it's enforcing the law as part of the Metropolitan Police Service (MPS), saving lives with the London Ambulance Service (LAS), or fighting fires with the London Fire Brigade (LFB). With 24/7 up time, immerse yourself in realistic scenarios and connect with fellow role players in this bustling virtual city.

Meanwhile, ATWAR offers a heart-pounding military simulation centered around the British Armed Forces. Become a soldier and engage in strategic combat operations, from intense infantry battles to coordinated airstrikes and reconnaissance missions. Experience the challenges and camaraderie of military life within our meticulously crafted virtual battlefield.

Whether you're drawn to urban role play or the tactical challenges of military simulation, The Crew Network's FiveM servers promise unforgettable adventures for every player.

Heart of the UK

Heart of Afghan